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This was actually a pretty big Disney deal - Lady was one of the first female Disney characters to have conceivably had sex when she had her wild night out with Tramp.  When she returned home, Jock and Trusty immediately offered to marry her so her reputation wouldn’t be sullied by her outing.

You go, Lady. Get your freak on :)

Reason number 5592939728184838 why Lady and the Tramp is one of my all time favorites.

I love lady and the tramp so much but as a kid i had NO IDEA why Jock and Trusty asked to marry Lady.


I hit a follower milestone not too long ago, and as a way of saying thanks to all of you fabulous folk I’m opening up a giveaway!

The Prize(s):
1st Place - One high res portrait! Example [x]
2nd Place - One simple character drawing! Example [x]

Prizes can be of your own OCS, or fandom characters! My only limits are that I’m not going to draw any nsfw content for you, and I’d rather not do furries or robots as I don’t feel confident tackling them. You can also check my art and commissions tags for more examples.

The Rules:
- It’s a follower giveway, so you gotta be one of mine! New followers are totally welcome, but don’t do that if you’re going to leave as soon as the giveaway is over.

- 1 like and 1 reblog gives you two entries per person! Multiple reblogs won’t count as extra entries.

- No giveaway blogs. I’ll be checking.

- Giveaway ends on April 30th 12:00pm PST. I’ll announce the winners on May 1st. if I don’t get a response within 24 hours, I’ll select a new winner.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message! Have a wonderful day, everyone!


A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald





PE is 5% exorcise and 95% embarrassment 

what kind of gym class do you have that exorcises their kids


I laughed so fucking hard jesus

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Vector commissions are open, y’all! With new reduced prices and a quicker turn around! Send me a message here or e-mail the above address with all inquiries.

<3 Bee

Still taking commissions! I have two finished pieces that need reviewing and then I have an open slate, so more quick turn around times. :D


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What do you do for fun when you’re on a break? (x)


Harrison Ford Won’t Answer Star Wars Questions [x]